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We are a tiny, family-owned business, and we make small batches of our soaps by hand, with love.

Please have a look at our shop to see what soaps we have available, and then let us know in the form below what you would like to order. Please include your name and email in the fields below, and in the message section, tell us what you would like to order.

Make sure to include what kind of soap (if you would like plain, lavender, rose, etc…), what shape (square or round bars), and how many of each. Please also tell us if you would like your soap shipped to you and include an address with a zip code. If you live in Lakeland, Florida, we can make arrangements to meet and deliver your soap to you. 🙂

When you hit send, we will receive your message, ensure we have everything you would like, and send you an invoice via email.

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